The death of a family member or loved one can be quite painful as we remember the good times and deal with the shock of their passing and our loss.

At some point we may have to make decisions about their estate which can also be quite stressful as we have to consider the wishes of both the departed and the beneficiaries.

The family home or any property investments can generate both good memories as we remember our loved ones as well as uncertainty as we wonder what to do with them. Obtaining an independent property valuation is an ideal way of working out what a property might be worth for sale purposes as well as considering how the property might be kept within the family as an investment or transferred between family members who need a little help in life.

So being able to receive sensible independent property advice in a timely fashion can prevent disputes between beneficiaries and family members arising, it helps resolve any doubts about the correct path to take and does it in a transparent way and provides those making the decisions with the feeling of “peace of mind”, so any decisions are made with certainty.

A comprehensive and independent valuation from Mason’s will provide you with the correct and balanced view of the market so that you stay well informed and are in a position to make the right decision when you need to.