Why should I obtain a professional valuation?

For most of us, our home represents our largest investment and as such, from time to time, you simply need to know what your home is really worth? Alternatively you may be thinking about purchasing a new home or investment property or the benefits of a proposed renovation.

Obtaining a professional valuation provides a credible and accurate reality check, right when you need it, helping you make better decisions. As valuers, we do not have a financial interest in the outcome of our valuations and as such we can provide an unbiased and expert opinion based upon the facts.

Why should I obtain a professional valuation instead of a local agents appraisal?

At Masons Valuation Office we bring years of professional industry experience, local knowledge, our personalised service and good judgement. We are impartial and independent at all times. Yes, your local estate agent would be happy to provide you with a ‘free market appraisal’ for your property, however an appraisal is often made in an attempt to win your business and sell your home and as such often the advice given is made in the most favourable light and done without the benefit of an accurate review and summary of the specific market affecting your property.

Why should I obtain a professional valuation from a valuers instead of one of those online valuations offered on the internet?

A free online valuation provide by a computer database where they cannot inspect your property, fail to research all pertinent information as well as take into account things like the condition and size of your home and cannot verify the accuracy of the information they are relying upon must have shortcomings. No computer based valuation system can replicate the skills and experience of a Certified Practising Valuer.

Why should I use Mason’s?

Masons Valuation Office was founded on the basis of providing personalised service to our customers, we take the time to tailor our services to your exact needs offering the most cost effective way to providing you with the best advice possible within your budget.

The benefits of doing business with Masons Valuation Office area;

  • Our Valuers are all Certified Practising Valuers
  • Our reports are well researched and professional
  • Masons Valuation Office has experience in residential, retail, commercial and industrial real estate
  • We concentrate on private clients only and have no allegiance to any banks or real estate agents
  • We can provide advice on real estate across the Melbourne metropolitan market; and
  • Our fees are competitive and we have a level of service to suit all needs and budgets

How much does a valuation cost?

Masons Valuation Office is a privately owned and operated valuation company. The business was founded and is managed by a professional and career valuer, we specialise in providing a range of valuation advice across a range of property classes across the Melbourne area.

At Masons’s, we feel we have one of the best jobs around. This positive outlook filters right though our company and the quality of work that we produce.

Unfortunately few people outside the real estate industry are aware of the role of a property valuer, that is of course until they need our services.

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised upon meeting us that we are not middle aged conservative gents, with grey hair and carrying a clip board with no sense of humour. On the contrary our valuers are experience property professional, with a wealth of expertise, specialist knowledge and an understanding of what drives property values.